Meal Menus

Meals are planned and prepared under the supervision of a Nutritionist and are designed to provide at least 1/3 of the recommended daily nutritional requirements for older adults.

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September Meal Menus (Menus may vary)

September Congregate Meal Site Menus

October Meal Menus (Menus may vary)



Therapeutic Meals

Somerville-Cambridge Elder Services’ Nutrition Department also offers the following specialized menus to meet client particular needs.  A doctor’s authorization is required, unless noted otherwise. 

Carb Control: for clients that need to restrict carbohydrates. Each meal has an average of 60 grams and low sugar desserts. Important for people with pre-diabetes and diabetes. Click here to read the menu.

Cardiac: for clients that need to follow a strict low sodium (salt), low cholesterol, and low fat diet. They also receive a low sugar dessert.    Important that people with heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol follow this diet. Click here to read the menu.

Gluten Free: Certified Gluten Free tested to be less than 20ppm gluten per meal. (Frozen meals only) 

Low Lactose: Dairy products eliminated in meal and desserts. Lactaid milk used. No doctor’s authorization required. Click here to read the menu.

Renal: for clients with kidney problems. These meals contain a controlled amount of protein, are low in sodium, potassium, phosphorus and sugar to help clients meet their nutritional needs. Click here to read the menu.

Modified Consistency Menus: 

Chopped Soft: meals are cut up, diced, and soft 

Ground: meals are ground and soft 

Puree: meals are pureed to a pudding like consistency