Food Service Assistant

The Food Service Assistant provides kitchen support in daily food preparation, cleaning, sanitation, and meal service for the congregate meal program at the Cambridge Senior Center, while abiding by food safety and EOEA guidelines and regulations to ensure the safety of the participants served. 

Job Responsibilities and Performance Standards:

  1. Assists coordination of the food service components at the meal program including food procurement and preparation, receiving of meal deliveries, meal service, monitoring food quality and temperatures, cleaning and sanitizing before and after meal service. Follows all prescribed food safety regulations.
  2. Ensures safe and proper storage and holding temperatures of all foods according to state and federal guidelines. Labeling and dating all foods stored in refrigerators and freezers; monitor and record daily refrigerator/freezer temperatures, log and maintain daily final internal cooking and holding temperatures of foods for service to verify they are being held at proper internal temperatures.
  3. Creates and maintains a welcoming, social, and supportive atmosphere for all meal participants.
  4. Follows all daily, weekly, and monthly assignments, such as cleaning, sanitizing and operating a dishwasher and for proper cleaning and sanitizing of food service equipment.
  5. Maintain and securely store pertinent paperwork and supplies such as daily meal site attendance, meal site registration forms, donation box and scanner; ensuring compliance with HIPAA regulations. Provides all necessary documents, donation box, scanner to the Nutrition Office on a regular monthly basis, and pick up needed supplies and menus.
  6. Completes all mandatory in-services, trainings and meetings required for food service assistant position.
  7. Follows all employee policies and procedures as stipulated by Somerville-Cambridge Elder Services, including specific policies of the Cambridge Senior Center, relating to the meal site
  8. Perform other duties as assigned

Professional Standards and Conduct:

  • Leadership: Ability to lead, inspire, and empower staff by demonstrating confidence and leadership presence. Passion and commitment to establishing and developing evidence-based programming for individuals to live in the setting of their choice with dignity and for as long as possible.
  • Collaborative and Responsive: Regularly communicates, follows up, and uses a team-driven approach. Responds thoughtfully and promptly to agency needs, requests, and inquiries; identifies and builds partnerships with key stakeholders. Has excellent organizational and time management skills to meet various deadlines, ensuring closed-loop communication, multi-tasking, and maintaining flexibility to adapt and adjust workload assignments based on various needs.
  • Communication: Skilled in verbal and written communication, demonstrating the ability to communicate information in various ways to meet diverse styles and cultural backgrounds.
  • Analytical: Critical thinking skills, using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and opportunities of alternative solutions, conclusions, or approaches to problems.
  • Attendance and Punctuality: Dependable, punctual, showing flexibility when needed. Attends meetings as needed and is fully present and participates during those meetings.
  • Commitment: Embodies SCES’s core values and shows great integrity, accountability, and professionalism in all interactions. Aids in furthering SCES’s mission and commitment to an inclusive environment.


  • High School Diploma preferred.
  • A minimum of one-year entry level experience in the food service industry required.
  • Some experience in cooking preferred or a strong desire to develop cooking skills is required.
  • Able and interested in relating to a diverse population.  Experience working directly with elders preferred.
  • Able to comprehend and implement food safety regulations.
  • Must meet both CORI/SORI and public health screening requirements.

Physical Environment:

  • Physical surroundings may be hectic, dangerous, and hot especially during peak food preparation and serving times.
  • Floors may be wet and slippery, use caution and appropriate shoes for food service environment.

Social/Psychological Conditions:

  • May be stressful at times, especially during peak food prep/service time, some interruptions involved.
  • Proven ability to handle multiple tasks under pressure and manage time accordingly.
  • Ability to work independently, as well as collaboratively with COA and SCES employees as a team.

Physical Effort:

  • Cooking, cleaning, receiving, and putting away of bulk food and kitchen equipment items.
  • Physical use of food service equipment
  • Frequently stands, walks, bends, reaches, and stoops throughout the day.
  • Frequently lifts, pulls, pushes, and carries up to 20 lbs.