LETTER: Who Else is Ready for Elder Fair 2017?

Myrtle Garro, of Cambridge, has been a big fan of Elder Fair since 2004, and recently expressed her appreciation for the free health and wellness expo in a handwritten thank-you letter to Somerville-Cambridge Elder Services.

Thanks For Elder Fair

Dear Mr. Lamb,

I want to tell you how much I enjoyed attending the Elder Fair. I think you and all the vendors for making so much information available to us. I’m sure I’m speaking on behalf of the majority of people that attended this great fair!

The vendors were exceptional. They were so pleasant and kind to us and we received many novelties.

I want to thank the young lady that was so kind to us—I think her name was Margarita. She seemed to be in charge there and did an excellent job of distributing our lunches to us.

I have enclosed a clip from the newspaper of me and two Silver Thread members who attended our first Elder Fair back in 2004. We said we would be back; my other two friends are deceased, but other members of my group were there also. I will be 90-years-old in November, so attending a great function like this makes life more enjoyable. I even won a $25 gift certificate!

I look forward to attending Elder Fair in 2017. To much appreciation to all of you who made this a huge success.

Sincerely yours,

Myrtle Garro

We thank Myrtle for her kind comments, and for allowing us to share this letter with our readers. And she is correct: SCES Community Relations Specialist Margarida Mendonca is absolutely in charge during Elder Fair, and her organizational skills are essential for pulling everything off without a hitch each year!