SCES and the COVID-19 vaccination effort, in pictures

Tina from Somerville sent us a thank you email, after we provided transportation service though Green Cab for her vaccine appointments. Printed here with her permission: 
“The taxi was early, felt safe with a plastic barrier between front and back seats, and I’m very grateful to have been relieved of worrying about getting to my appointment,” she wrote. “I used the services for both shots at Fenway too!”

Somerville-Cambridge Elder Services (SCES) is encouraging everyone to get vaccinated when they become eligible. We are also supporting the vaccination effort by providing transportation to local vaccine appointments, offering assistance at clinics in senior housing, and sharing reliable information about the through our website and Aging Information Center.

Read on for more information, and to meet some of the great people we’ve come into contact with through this effort….


SCES is offering free cab rides for local older adults to COVID-19 vaccination sites in Cambridge, Somerville and adjacent communities.

The program is open older adults (age 60 and up) from Cambridge and Somerville.  We ask that you call well ahead of the appointment, so that we can connect you with a transportation option, and you can plan the most convenient travel time for yourself.  Masks will be required during transportation.

For more information about the SCES vaccination transportation program, or to register for a ride, call SCES at 617-440-0995 or email

Stanley Legaski poses for photo, before getting into a cab for his COVID-19 vaccine appointment in early March.
Stanley, 73, has received services from Somerville-Cambridge Elder Services for years, which includes rides to doctor appointments and such. He was eager to get the vaccine and very much appreciated the ride, saying it’s much better than riding the bus.
“The vaccine to me means not coming down with the virus, and maybe winding up in the hospital with it,” he said.
Karen of Cambridge escorts her mother Thelma to a cab for her COVID appointment. Karen’s mother is not an SCES client, but she heard about the program, got in touch, and was happy to the hear the program is available to all local older adults.

Helping at Clinics

Award winning Home Care Aide Hannah Kafil (left) chats with SCES Supportive Living Coordinator Olivia Rowell during a COVID-19 vaccination clinic at Properzi Manor on March 4.
As the Supportive Housing Coordinator for Properzi, Rowell helps the residents access support services and plans social activities for the residents. The clinic was hosted by the Somerville Board of Health, and Rowell was there to check people in and help out as needed. More than 55 residents received the vaccine at the clinic!
Kafil’s outstanding work at Properzi Manor was recognized by Somerville-Cambridge Elder Services with a Compassionate Care Professional Award in 2019.
116 Norfolk St Social Services Coordinator Jeffrey Clement (center) and Home Care Supervisor Tony Huang (left) talk with a resident during a vaccine clinic hosted by the Cambridge Board of Health on Feb 26.
Clement supported the vaccination effort by spreading the word with residents and communicating with the Board of Health about any potential health concerns. Clement and Huang were also on-hand during the clinic to help out.
Somerville-Cambridge Elder Services provides social services coordination for the residents of 116 Norfolk St.
CAPTION  SCES staff assisted with the vaccination effort at the Cobble Hill Apartments in Somerville in January.
Adult Family Care director Jeanne Leyden, Elder Care Advisor Gio Bertrand, and Volunteer Coordinator Lindsey Smilack (pictured) helped check-in more than 80 residents who registered to get the vaccine.
Accounts payable clerk Xiao Li Ao and case managers Stephanie Lacerda and Amy Gao also assisted with translation. SCES Assistant Director Annie Fowler was also there to help, and took this photo.


Somerville-Cambridge Elder Services has a special COVID website section, and a page dedicated to local vaccine resources.

The Aging Information Center is also available to answer general questions about the vaccine and local resources, and can also provide more information about the transportation program. Contact the Aging Information Center by calling 617-628-2601 or email