SCES Seeks New Executive Director

Somerville-Cambridge Elder Services (SCES) is seeking a seasoned professional who is passionate about elder services and capable of guiding our agency’s continued development and growth as our next Executive Director (ED).

Our ED’s primary responsibility is to ensure that the mission, strategy, values and goals of SCES are achieved and that we continue to thrive amid opportunities and challenges.

Working on behalf of a dedicated Board of Directors and with a highly effective management team and staff, the successful candidate will continue to promote our culture of service and excellence within the agency, and will enhance and grow our positive working relationships with other agencies, our partners, and the consumers we serve.

The ideal candidate will be a proven leader, with the right combination of business savvy, motivational skill, change leadership and commitment to our mission. Knowledge of the Greater Boston Area and elder services in Massachusetts is also a plus.

About Somerville-Cambridge Elder Services

Since 1972, SCES has been the area’s aging information and service center.  We help older people and people living with disabilities remain safe and independent in their own homes by providing a wide range of supportive services, as well as information and advice.

SCES is a private non-profit that serves as both a state-designated Aging Services Access Point (ASAP) and a federally-designated Area Agency on Aging (AAA). We provide more than 35 programs and services, which are funded by a combination of state and federal funds, donations, and our recently added private pay options.

SCES primarily serves the communities of Somerville and Cambridge, though some of our programs serve much of the Greater Boston Area.

Our annual operating budget is $38 million, with 150 staff, 350 volunteers, and a subcontracted vendor network of direct service providers.

Executive Director Job Description

The ED is the Chief Executive and Operating officer (CEO) of SCES, providing overall leadership and direction for the agency, ensuring we fulfill our mission.

The ED develops strategies that support the ongoing financial and operational viability of SCES in a manner that is consistent with our values and goals and takes into account various stakeholders, including consumers, staff, community and the Board of Directors.

The ED reports to the Board of Directors and is responsible for implementation of programs and policies that have been formulated in conjunction with the Board.

The ED works with senior management to identify opportunities and challenges as they emerge, and develops short and long-term plans to address these developments.

The ED drives SCES to achieve the following strategic goals:

  • SCES will serve as a trusted gateway to services and information for seniors, individuals with disabilities, and their caregivers.
  • SCES will provide consistently high quality services.
  • SCES will be a financially healthy organization.
  • SCES will be a great place to work for staff.
  • SCES will be a sustainable growing organization.
  • SCES will have top-of-mind presence in the community.

To achieve these goals, the Executive Director will:

  1. Create, communicate and implement the agency’s vision, mission, and overall direction, leading the development and implementation of overall agency strategy.  This includes developing programs, policies, administrative procedures and priorities based on our agency mission and goals.
  2. Keep the Board fully informed on the condition of SCES and on all the important factors influencing it. Inform the Board and its committees about trends, issues, problems and activities in order to facilitate policy-making. Recommend policy positions and ensure that the legal and regulatory requirements of the organization and all of its programs are met.
  3. Supervise the Senior Management Team which consists of: the Assistant Executive Director, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Director of Human Resources, Director of Adult Family Care, Home Care Director and Director of Clinical Services. Coordinate activities with governmental and local groups concerned with the planning and delivery of services to elders and others with long-term care needs.
  4. Work with the CFO to oversee preparation of all agency budgets. Ensure that the Fiscal Department complies with all State, Federal and Board of Directors’ reporting requirements. Assume responsibility for overall expenditures of funds within approved budgets. Ensure the financial health of the agency.
  5. Seek diversified sources of funds to carry out the mission of the organization.
  6. Confer regularly with the Executive Office of Elder Affairs for the purpose of obtaining resources, influencing policy and implementing programs.
  7. Oversee all Federal, State, and other contracts to ensure quality of services and compliance. Develop and negotiate State Home Care Program, Federal and private contracts for Board consideration.
  8. Establish and nurture working relationships with the leadership of public and private organizations on the local, state, regional and national levels whose missions align with SCES’.  This includes state agencies, the legislature, donor groups, Councils on Aging, health and medical providers, housing, community safety and others involved in home and community-based care and long-term care.  Represent SCES in other organizations such as the Massachusetts Association of Home Care Programs/Area Agencies on Aging, National Association for Area Agencies on Aging and the American Society on Aging.
  9. Represent SCES with the Executive Office of Elder Affairs and other agencies along with legislative bodies for the purpose of advocating for resources, influencing policy and resolving problems.
  10. Develop more efficient methods for management and delivering of agency services and ensure that a consumer/client driven quality assurance program is in place.
  11. Maintain awareness of both the external and internal landscape, opportunities for expansion, customers, markets, and new developments and standards. Look at potential expansions for the health and ongoing development of the agency that will enhance community value.

Qualifications and Critical Competencies:

Graduate Degree required.  Five years’ supervisory experience, at least three years of which must have been in a senior management position, required. Equivalent experience may be substituted for the advanced degree requirement. Knowledge of the Aging Network in Massachusetts and Somerville and Cambridge area and its population strongly preferred.

This successful candidate should demonstrate critical competencies in four broad categories: commitment to mission, business savvy, leading change, and motivating.

Commitment to mission: The Executive Director is a systems thinker who is consumer focused and goal driven. This person must have a strong commitment to consumer-driven care. He/she must support the consumer’s right to choose the type and setting of care, thereby supporting the consumer to maximize their independence. The Executive Director is action oriented and innovative. S/he translates broad goals into achievable steps. S/he anticipates and solves problems and takes advantage of opportunities, is a self-starter and team player.

Business savvy: As SCES’s leader, this position requires an individual with knowledge of and experience in management and administration. The position requires demonstrated experience in integrating and coordinating diverse areas of management.

  • Knowledge in the following areas is required: human services, finance and personnel; oral and written communications; planning and evaluation; and
  • Some experience in the field of not-for-profit management and governance, and community relations is Some general knowledge of fund development is also preferred.
  • A high level of personal skills is required to make formal, persuasive presentations to groups and to deal effectively with people from all segments of the
  • The individual must be comfortable with diversity and respectful of a wide range of faiths, beliefs and

Leading change: The Executive Direction possesses leadership skills. S/he shares SCES’s values, mission and vision. S/he consistently displays integrity, models behavior, develops people, and builds teams. This individual deals effectively with demanding situations.

 Motivation: The Executive Director manages continuity, change and transition. This individual knows how to influence and enable others. S/he addresses the impact of attitude and action on SCES and its participants.

Salary commensurate with experience

To learn more about our benefit package and to apply for this position, visit the jobs page of our website. All qualified candidates must send a cover letter, resume or CV  to

We are an EEO employer