‘Stay Strong’ Program Teaches Balance and Strength

Have you or a family member stopped going out and doing the things you enjoy, due to a fear of falling?

The Stay Strong Program could help!


Offered through the Health and Wellness department at Somerville-Cambridge Elder Services (SCES), Stay Strong focuses on simple strength and balance exercises that can help prevent a fall, explained program coordinator Eliza Wiesner.

“This program is for anyone who has limited their activities due to a fear of falling,” said Weisner. “Limiting your activities can make muscles weaker, making a fall more likely. Keeping muscles strong and improving balance is often a better way to prevent a fall.”

Stay Strong is taught by trained instructors, who make five home visits to establish and implement an exercise program that fits the participant’s needs. Exercises can done while seated or standing, either alone or with assistance from a caregiver.

There is no charge to participate.

In addition to Stay Strong, SCES offers the following health and wellness programs:

  • My Life, My Health – Chronic Disease Self-Management—an annual six-week workshop that teaches techniques for dealing with pain, fatigue and difficult emotions. This program is free.
  • Simple Cooking for Your Health—a class that teaches to how cook healthy, low-cost meals that are simple to make and taste great. The program focuses on food that’s heart healthy, low in saturated fat, and high in fiber. This program costs $10, which can be waived for hardship.
  • Diabetes Self-Management – a six week workshop for adults with diabetes and their caregivers. Participants learn techniques for stress management, avoiding complications and monitoring their condition. This program is free.

For more information about Stay Strong or other programs, contact SCES Wellness Coordinator Eliza Wiesner at 617-628-2601 ext. 3108 or email ewiesner@eldercare.org.

The Stay Strong program is also available in Spanish. Call Meg Bolger at 617-628-2601 ext. 3078 for more details.