Thank you, Thanksgiving Meals on Wheels volunteers

New volunteer coordinator Lindsay Smilack (left) works with former SCES volunteer manager Marie Mazzeo and newly hired elder care advisor Kristine Wiitala to help distribute Meals on Wheels dinners on Thanksgiving. Several agency employees braved the near-record cold to assist volunteers with the deliveries. SCES PHOTO

Meals on Wheels doesn’t take a day off for Thanksgiving and I would like to thank the many volunteers who braved the cold, so that our drivers could spend the holiday with their families.

All told, 47 volunteers helped with deliveries on Thursday, working alongside Somerville-Cambridge Elder Services (SCES) employees who chose to come in on a day off and help out.

Working together, our team delivered 310 dinners to Meals on Wheels clients. The many hands made for lighter work, with most routes completed in roughly an hour. It was an outstanding job, on a morning where wind-chill temperatures hovered only slightly above zero. Our sincere thanks to everyone who helped out.

In addition to providing a warm meal, our drivers often spend a few minutes chatting with clients, reaching out to others who may be feeling depressed or isolated during the holidays. In many ways, our volunteer programs provide more than just material support.

For those who’d like to get involved with something great like this, here’s some good news: volunteerism is an ongoing activity at SCES. We have a diverse array of ongoing and one-day opportunities to make a difference in our community. Typical activities include bagging donated groceries, providing medical escort or advocacy, or just volunteering to be a good neighbor for those who need companionship or minor help around the house.

Our website,, has a full listing of volunteer programs under the “Join Us” tab. Or contact Volunteer Coordinator Lindsey Smilack via email at or by calling 617-628-2601 to learn more. I’m sure she’d be happy to hear from you.

Colleen Morrissey is the Volunteer and Community Relations Manager at Somerville-Cambridge Elder Services.

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