Volunteer Spotlight: Patricia from ‘Money Management’

There are more than 300 people involved with volunteer programs at Somerville-Cambridge Elder Services (SECS), helping out with nutrition, medical appointments and companionship, to name a few.

In honor of National Volunteer Month, SCES is highlighting some of our dedicated people who are doing important work in our community. 

Patricia Moore has been an SCES volunteer with our Money Management program since 2008. We recently caught up with Moore to say thanks, and to ask a few quick questions…

Patricia Moore has been an SCES volunteer with our Money Management program since 2008.


Q Why did you start volunteering?

A I retired, and need something to do. I looked around at what’s out there, and this seemed appealing. I don’t volunteer out of self-gratification. Some people are in unfortunate situations, and they just need help. I’d help my family or friends if they were in similar situations. Might as well do something useful!


Q What do you do?

A I work with at least 8 clients currently. What I do depends on the client – I do a bit of everything, but mostly taking care of the cash. I bring them their money, pay their bills. I balance their checkbooks every month, and check online to make sure everything is in order. I deal with housing authorities, doctors, all sorts of different things. And I do as much advocacy on the clients’ behalves as I possibly can, as much as is in my jurisdiction.


Q What drew you to the Money Management Program?

A I just think it’s commonsense! But of course, people aren’t always in easy situations. And unless you volunteer at something, you don’t fully understand how many people are in need.



Money Managers assist low-income elders with bill-paying, reconciling bank statements, budgeting, and bank errands. For more information about Money Management, or any of our other volunteer programs, call 617-628-2601, x3051 or send an e-mail to vol@eldercare.org.