NSTAR Assistance

Paying for electric fans and air conditioning in the summer months can be very expensive. If you are struggling with paying your NSTAR bill, then be sure to explore the various financial assistance and discount programs that are provided by the energy company. Resources can help low income, seniors, disabled, and other customers facing a hardship pay their monthly electric and gas bills. 

NSTAR Assistance

NSTAR Discount Rate – Aid is offered for low income customers. Discounts are usually targeted at people who receive government assistance, such as LIHEAP. Other people who qualify for fuel assistance may also receive a discounted rate. The Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance receives information from NSTAR to help determine and enroll Discount Rate customers in the program.

If someone does receive a discount rate, then they may also be qualified for the Energy Efficiency Program for Lower Income Customers. This can provide some energy saving information and resources.

A number of Financial Assistance Programs are provided to Massachusetts customers who are having difficulty in paying their utility bills. Special programs are provided, some in combination with state and federal government agencies, to help people who need assistance. NSTAR may also have some payment plans for customers who are faced with a short term hardship.

NSTAR Arrearage Management Program – This is a service that is offered for customers who are experiencing difficulties in paying their utility bills. An applicant’s income needs to fall within 60 percent of the State Median Income level. The NSTAR’s Arrearage Management Program provides some options and opportunities in addressing older, unpaid gas bills. Dial 866-315-2496 

65 Plus and Double Notice Protection – This service is offered for any households with a member who is 65 years of age or older. Senior citizens customers will not be able to receive a final notice on their electric bill. The program will also provide customers with an option to allow NSTAR to notify a friend or relative about overdue bills.

Please call NSTAR at 800-592-2000.

Source: NSTAR